How to create a purposeful back-up storage space

Anyone else walk past a cupboard or drawer, knowing full well what kind of state it is in behind the door? Well, this was my situation and I couldn’t face it anymore – it was time to get organised! You start off with the best intentions of keeping a space organised and you put in the time sorting the shelves and then it ends up looking like this:

It has happened to us all, I’m sure. So I have been thinking of some ways that I make sure I can keep this space organised and purposeful – instead of becoming a junk cupboard! We keep all of our spares of cleaning and beauty products in here. So it got me thinking, I actually don’t have an inventory of all of this… stuff? I had no idea what was in here and when I was sorting what I had, there was so much that needed to be thrown away and stuff that I was keeping ‘just in case’ which I haven’t used as I had forgotten that it was even in there! I made a rough list in my notebook of all of the things I was keeping (and restocked my toilet rolls whilst I was sorting). I decided to make a grid and eventually I will laminate it, to keep on the inside of the door. So when stock gets low on a particular item, we can check the list for the next time we go shopping or do a big Costco trip. I will attach the free download of my template in this post. Until my laminator comes, I will use a couple of print outs and a pen to fill out my grid. I have typed out the products that we will always keep in here, with a few blank spaces in case we decided we want to store anything else in there.

It was so satisfying seeing the shelves organised and knowing what I have and what I need made me feel so calm. I even had a sneaky look in the cupboard again after sorting it, just to get another waft of satisfaction! Is that just me? I just love looking at a completed job and thinking YES that looks good. It makes it all worth it. So now I have a system, I’m hoping that this cupboard will continue to look organised and will get restocked in good time. Here is the after photo, and I am so pleased!

I never imagined that there would be EMPTY shelves left for more things, it’s perfect as we are keeping our spare toilet rolls and kitchen rolls in the garage, so we can bring these in now. We even added some hooks to the door to hand our mops. I am a tiny bit gutted that our cleaning caddy (on the floor) doesn’t quite sit straight with the hoover living in it’s home. We are planning on installing a small shelf for the caddy. We love this, it is like my cleaning best friend. Whenever it is time for housework I just fetch the caddy instead of balancing all of my cleaning products underneath my arms as I stumble around dropping everything. I seriously recommend getting a caddy, they are pretty cheap and you can get them from most stores. I think ours is from Quality Discounts or B&M.

I will be doing more posts in the future of before and after organisation with tips and things I found useful, so keep and eye out for my next post and please leave any comments on things you have done to help to keep your space organised!

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