How to manage feeling stressed

Ever feel so stressed that you just need to write? Well that’s me right now. I have no idea where this post will take me, but I wanted to talk about ways that I manage my stress levels or when I am not feeling 100% myself. We all know with the current situation in the world right now, there have been many down moments and times when things just get a bit too much. So here are a few tips if you are ever feeling like this:

1.) Take a moment

A few things that I have tried to adopt into my daily life, are to just take a moment – count down from ten or take in a few concentrated breaths and assess the situation that I am facing. Trying to address what is making you feel a certain way can sometimes make it worse if you aren’t in the right frame of mind.

2.) Try Mindfulness – The 5 Things

I read a mindfulness article once, and something that really resonated with me was to close my eyes, wherever I was, and to think of 5 things that I can feel. Try it! For example, right now, I can feel the cushion pressing against my back, I can feel the smooth touch to my keys as I type… and so on. Then, move onto 5 things that you can hear. It might be as simple as you can hear your own slow, deep breaths or rain hitting your windows outside. This technique really makes me stop and take a moment for myself and I am usually calmer and in a better place to face whatever it is that is bothering me.

3.) Deep breaths

I am a great believer in taking time to take some deep breaths. I never used to do this, until I was REALLY nervous about something and just thought I’d give it a go. It really works!

4.) Write it down

I find a lot of stress relief comes from writing down how I feel. I read a blog post recently that spoke about writing a sentence each day of how I am feeling, so I am going to start that and build it up – look out for it in a future blog post. But just keep a journal or diary is a good space to keep your thoughts.

5.) Talk about it

Speaking about your problems isn’t always easy, but if you have someone that is close to you that you can trust, it can be great to vent out loud. My husband is my go to for when I need to vent. But I also have my family and friend that I am lucky to have around me for support too.

6.) Listen to music

Music is a great healer. Just plugging out from the world for a moment to go through what ever it is that you’re feeling in that current moment. Whether it is your favourite music, or something that you haven’t heard for a while, choose something that makes you happy (or even helps to get any anger out) choose the genre that feels right.

7.) Go for a walk

Walking is great to keep your mind clear and get rid of any feelings of stress that you might be feeling. Getting out into the open air and getting your body moving can really help to get you feeling like yourself again.

There are more ways to reduce feeling stressful that we can try to manage ourselves, but I will leave it there for now. What do you do to reduce stress? I’d love to hear your comments below!

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