I was always sceptical when reading advice on how to train my hair to not need washing everyday. Yes, you heard right. I used to wash my hair everyday and I hated it. But I have been AMAZED at the transformation that I have been able to achieve by adopting a few small changes to my hair washing routine. So these are my top tips:


Okay, so for some this is easy. But for me, I am always touching my fringe, or tucking hair behind my ears. All of the grease and oils from your hands end up on your hair making it feel horrible and in need of a good wash. A way to avoid this? Wear your hair up and pin it back. Unless I am going out and want to look semi-decent, I have opted to just tying it up so it is out of reach of my hands and face. This will really help to reduce your hair getting oily.

2.) Wash with shampoo, TWICE

Believe me, you’ve got to do this. It sounds weird, but trust me it really makes a difference. The first wash gets all of the grease and dirt and rinses it away. Then, with the second wash, the shampoo can actually do it’s job properly. Also, top tip, when you’re rubbing the shampoo in, REALLY scrub it into your roots, like, really go for it and massage it in. Don’t worry too much about rubbing it into your ends, as when you wash it away, it will run down to the ends anyway. Then you can condition the ends.

3.) Accept that you’ll feel SUPER GREASY for a while

Unfortunately, this process won’t happen overnight. You have to build up the routine for a while and you’ll probably feel awful, as your hair will feel heavy and greasy for many days in between washes.

4.) Be patient

It will be so worth it in the long run. It is hard if you’re having to go out and feel this way, I get that. I only really started the process of training my hair as I am currently on maternity leave, and due to the current pandemic, I don’t really go anywhere. So you’ll usually find me with my hair up and pinned back to make myself feel normal and not like a total greaseball 24/7. I use dry shampoo on the day before I wash my hair to help me go that extra day.

5.) ENJOY hair washing days

I honestly love washing and drying my hair now, I am still building it up and still have a way to go before I will be able to go 7 days without washing my hair (fingers crossed)! Currently, I wash my hair on day 4. So, day 1 I wash, then days 2 and 3 I don’t and day 4 becomes hair washing day. After a few cycles, you build up to another day. I have been deciding on when to up the days depending on what my hair looks like on wash day, and if I think I can go another day I will.

Going from washing my hair everyday to this has made such a difference to my life. Especially with my 3 month old daughter, I can get myself ready fairly quickly and not have to worry about washing and drying my hair all of the time, with more time to focus on her in the mornings. I really recommend trying this if you are like me and really didn’t enjoy the time and effort it took to washing each day. I hope you give it a go and I hope it works for you. Remember to be patient with the process, it will take a little while but you will reap the benefits once your hair gets used to the routine.

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