A day free from social media… (sort of)

Who else spends their days scrolling through social media endlessly? I sometimes even scroll through one thing, close it, and then automatically open it again and start doing the same thing! It’s actually BONKERS. Why do we do it to ourselves? I have been meaning to do this for a little while and just decided to go for it.

It’s soo bad that I had to tell myself not to check my phone as I didn’t even realise how much I think about picking up my phone and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. I very rarely post anything myself, I just look at what other people are up to…

(Side note – full disclosure here. So, I just checked my screen time for the day I chose to avoid my social media accounts and I actually failed. I somehow spent 6 minutes on Facebook, I have no clue how this happened, as I even put all of the apps into a folder and hid them away. I wonder if I can really go a whole day without it… I will try this again another day. BUT compared to other days I was averaging 1-2 hours of social screen time per day!)

Soooo… even though technically the full day consisted of 6 minutes of social screen time, I’m quite pleased by this ‘achievement’. It felt really good to not look at my phone every time there was a chance. I felt like I enjoyed my world a lot more. Just switching off from the screen really seemed to impact my mood.

Something I heard someone say the other day was that they are usually watching two screens at one time. For example, watching a tv show and scrolling the internet. At first, I thought, two screens that’s ridicu… wait, I do that. Like ALL of the time. It really made me think how screens are basically controlling our lives and how I need to make a change.

I’ve decided to keep the social apps hidden, as I found that not having them there staring right at me, I wasn’t tempted to just click and look without realising (well, apart from those 6 minutes that are unaccounted for in my memory). I can’t quite bring myself to deactivate any accounts for a short time, but who knows I might try that next!

If you’re feeling up for the ‘challenge’, I really recommend seeing if you can go the whole day without any social media. If you can, use the screen time setting to get the true time that you spent looking at the screen. I would love to know if you achieve it and don’t unwillingly fall into the trap like I did! Good luck!

2 thoughts on “A day free from social media… (sort of)

  1. Social media is so addictive! Yet it can be so bad for our mental health.

    Whenever I see my IG usage go over an hour a day – I disable my account for a week – to take a break from the crazy. Also not having the app on the my phone really works on reducing my usage because using the web browser version is so annoying.

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