Would I buy my empties again?

I’ve recently organised my dressing table drawer, and I found some items that should have gone in the bin a while ago. I am no expert on beauty products, but I know what works for me and what I go back to the shop for. So here goes!

Fast Stroke Eyeliner

This is HANDS DOWN my favourite liquid eyeliner. I can’t get on with pencils, they always seem to break and never make a bold enough line. I salut those of you that can perfect a perfect wing using a pencil (side note, just spent ages looking at ‘perfect a perfect’… like, how strange is language?) Anyway, I will definitely be buying this again and again. I have been for a while but had to include it in this post. To be honest, there might be better ones out there that I just haven’t tried yet? (Future post ideas pending…)

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

I got this in a beauty hamper sent to me by my best friend – how nice it is receiving surprise gifts in the post? Just love it. Also, I love sending them! This moisturiser is really nice and smells good too. I would buy this again, but I currently am using Aveeno Daily Moisturising Cream which I am happy with so I’ll continue with that and decide when I’m nearly out of that. But it is good to have options!

Rimmel London 60 Second Shine Clear Nail Varnish

I love this brand of nail varnish and always go for it when I am looking for a new colour. It dries super quick and really does shine! I really like the clear for a day to day coat, as it’s so quick and I don’t have to worry too much if I ‘go out of the lines’. It’s good for on the go people or mums that want something quick and manageable. (Also, if it chips… you can’t tell, bonus!)

Natural Collection Volume Mascara

I love Natural Collection products. They are so affordable (why is some make-up so expensive?) I find with this brand you can try something out and if you like it and would like to try one of the more pricey brands, you can. OR if you get on well with this brand then stick with it at the lower cost. This mascara works for me, however it is a tad clumpy as you get to the end of its life which is a shame. I don’t know about you but whenever I buy mascara, I look for the brush shape I like and sort of buy anything that looks good and is a good price. I might experiment with different brushes and see if that helps with the clumping. But for now I just use a clean eyebrow brush to de-clump.

Witch Hazel Tea Tree Shine Control Day Moisturiser

I suffer with oily skin which is really irritating. I keep meaning to go and buy some more of this as when I used it, it really helped keep the oil at bay. I also have the Night Time version, but that’s still pretty full so you can tell my night time skin routine doesn’t happen as often… are you the same? But this product is a big yes from me if you suffer with oily skin – it smells good too!

Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer

This isn’t quite empty, but I will be getting some soon! I’m no expert of foundation AT ALL. I use concealer as my base and day to day, that’s all I use. I have got on well with this one and it covers well. I never know what to get foundation wise, and always seem to get the wrong colour. But this claims to adapt the the colour of your skin, and I’d say it actually does. So that helps as I’m usually clueless! Like am I porcelain or what? No idea, but this works for me so I’m happy. I will be getting this again!

Have you ever gone through empties? Or have you got any tips for finding the right foundation or eyeliner? I’d love to hear what you’ve found works for you and any tips to help me out when it comes to buying new beauty products. 😌

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