Making some changes…

I have been having thoughts about what I would like to do with my life recently. I love many aspects, but there has been something that has been bugging me. Have you ever said, ‘Oh I have always wanted to do that’, ‘I would love to try that’ or ‘I would love it if I could…’? I do this a lot. Some things obviously require money and time etc to do, but some dreams or goals that are achievable I just haven’t done. So, I am making some changes. Like with blogging, I am going to write more often, and write for me. My next change is to keep a sketchbook journal. I started it today, with the hope that I keep adding to it when I find time because it’s something that I really enjoy.

I have always loved art and being creative. I studied art at school and through my education, but never took it any further than doing paintings and drawings as gifts for family and friends. I sometimes found the time to do art for myself, but found I was more productive when I had a purpose for it.

Hopefully, by keeping my sketchbook, my aim will be to keep filling the pages with sketches and illustrations. I am starting with drawings of different rooms in my home. Maybe I will post some on here one day. Who knows? Wish me luck – let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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