Making some changes…

I have been having thoughts about what I would like to do with my life recently. I love many aspects, but there has been something that has been bugging me. Have you ever said, ‘Oh I have always wanted to do that’, ‘I would love to try that’ or ‘I would love it if I could…’? I do this a lot. Some things obviously require money and time etc to do, but some dreams or goals that are achievable I just haven’t done. So, I am making some changes. Like with blogging, I am going to write more often, and write for me. My next change is to keep a sketchbook journal. I started it today, with the hope that I keep adding to it when I find time because it’s something that I really enjoy.

I have always loved art and being creative. I studied art at school and through my education, but never took it any further than doing paintings and drawings as gifts for family and friends. I sometimes found the time to do art for myself, but found I was more productive when I had a purpose for it.

Hopefully, by keeping my sketchbook, my aim will be to keep filling the pages with sketches and illustrations. I am starting with drawings of different rooms in my home. Maybe I will post some on here one day. Who knows? Wish me luck – let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Why I took a break from blogging…

So I haven’t written anything on my blog for a while. I often think about posting, but can’t think of content. Then I realised something. I was writing for a specific audience and lost the reason I started the blog. I just wanted to write, and write for me.

I have decided to start posting again, but to write for me. Whatever is on my mind or whatever I feel like writing, I just will. Not worrying about what others might think or how many people might decide to follow me. I think that has been my problem recently… I have avoided writing because I am more focussed on content and likes than the true reason why I wanted to start. Here’s to starting afresh and writing for me!

Would I buy my empties again?

I’ve recently organised my dressing table drawer, and I found some items that should have gone in the bin a while ago. I am no expert on beauty products, but I know what works for me and what I go back to the shop for. So here goes!

Fast Stroke Eyeliner

This is HANDS DOWN my favourite liquid eyeliner. I can’t get on with pencils, they always seem to break and never make a bold enough line. I salut those of you that can perfect a perfect wing using a pencil (side note, just spent ages looking at ‘perfect a perfect’… like, how strange is language?) Anyway, I will definitely be buying this again and again. I have been for a while but had to include it in this post. To be honest, there might be better ones out there that I just haven’t tried yet? (Future post ideas pending…)

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

I got this in a beauty hamper sent to me by my best friend – how nice it is receiving surprise gifts in the post? Just love it. Also, I love sending them! This moisturiser is really nice and smells good too. I would buy this again, but I currently am using Aveeno Daily Moisturising Cream which I am happy with so I’ll continue with that and decide when I’m nearly out of that. But it is good to have options!

Rimmel London 60 Second Shine Clear Nail Varnish

I love this brand of nail varnish and always go for it when I am looking for a new colour. It dries super quick and really does shine! I really like the clear for a day to day coat, as it’s so quick and I don’t have to worry too much if I ‘go out of the lines’. It’s good for on the go people or mums that want something quick and manageable. (Also, if it chips… you can’t tell, bonus!)

Natural Collection Volume Mascara

I love Natural Collection products. They are so affordable (why is some make-up so expensive?) I find with this brand you can try something out and if you like it and would like to try one of the more pricey brands, you can. OR if you get on well with this brand then stick with it at the lower cost. This mascara works for me, however it is a tad clumpy as you get to the end of its life which is a shame. I don’t know about you but whenever I buy mascara, I look for the brush shape I like and sort of buy anything that looks good and is a good price. I might experiment with different brushes and see if that helps with the clumping. But for now I just use a clean eyebrow brush to de-clump.

Witch Hazel Tea Tree Shine Control Day Moisturiser

I suffer with oily skin which is really irritating. I keep meaning to go and buy some more of this as when I used it, it really helped keep the oil at bay. I also have the Night Time version, but that’s still pretty full so you can tell my night time skin routine doesn’t happen as often… are you the same? But this product is a big yes from me if you suffer with oily skin – it smells good too!

Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer

This isn’t quite empty, but I will be getting some soon! I’m no expert of foundation AT ALL. I use concealer as my base and day to day, that’s all I use. I have got on well with this one and it covers well. I never know what to get foundation wise, and always seem to get the wrong colour. But this claims to adapt the the colour of your skin, and I’d say it actually does. So that helps as I’m usually clueless! Like am I porcelain or what? No idea, but this works for me so I’m happy. I will be getting this again!

Have you ever gone through empties? Or have you got any tips for finding the right foundation or eyeliner? I’d love to hear what you’ve found works for you and any tips to help me out when it comes to buying new beauty products. 😌

How to keep motivated around the house

Ever avoided jobs around your house because it’s so much more appealing to sit and binge watch a series on Netflix? That’s me usually, but I have come up with some good motivational things to get me up off of the sofa to get those pesky little tasks done. Here’s what I do:

Reward yourself

Say to yourself, if you complete that job, you get something nice or can do something enjoyable. If the dishwasher needs loading, tell yourself once you’ve done it, you can sit and enjoy a few episodes of the series that you’re watching. Or tell yourself that you can have a few cheeky biscuits with a cuppa once you’ve dusted downstairs. Yes, I see those of you out there that are thinking, why don’t I just skip to the good part? You totally can. BUT you feel soo much better sitting down and chilling doing what you’ve rewarded yourself with knowing that the job is done. Or else it will sit in the back of your mind and bug you until it is done.

Time yourself

That small, annoying job that needs doing that stares at you and haunts you… how long does it actually take you to do? I challenge you to time yourself doing it. Sounds weird, but I timed myself unloading and loading the dishwasher, and it took me 8 minutes. That’s it. I was taking my time and being quiet as my daughter was asleep, so I guarantee it would take me even less time normally. So, now when I think of doing that job, I know it’s only a few minutes of my day and the thought of doing it doesn’t bother me so much.

Write it down

Sometimes my mind is SO FULL of all of the tasks that I need to do so I just write it all down – not in any particular order. Then, with a clearer head I can start to organise what to do first and which are my priority jobs (love a bit of colour coding to make my brain happy). I also LOVE crossing things off of a list. It is just the best!

Set a timer

At the end of the day, when you’ve had your dinner and you’re feeling ready for bed, nobody wants to tidy up. You think to yourself, ‘Oh it’s fine I’ll clear up in the morning.’ STOP. Your tomorrow self will love you for this next tip. Set a 15 minute timer. This is the allocated time that you are giving yourself to pick up the plates, take any cups into the kitchen, fluff your cushions on the sofa and get any other tiny jobs done. TRUST ME you will feel so much better coming downstairs the next day to a clear kitchen. It’s much better getting a cup of tea or coffee and making breakfast with clear kitchen sides. You’ll actually be surprised how much you can get done in that short amount of time too.

Keep moving!

I am a true believer that a body in motion, stays in motion. If you give yourself the chance to sit down and take 10 on your phone before you start or in between, that 10 minutes will easily turn into 30, 40 or even an hour before you know it. I really try to sit down once the job is done. Yes, I take breaks in between if I’m stopping for lunch or just need a break. But I keep in mind not to stay still for too long or else the comfort takes over and I will just stay there and get sucked into a Netflix hole and binge!

Have you got any other things that you do to keep you motivated to tidy? Let me know in the comments and we can share tips! 😌

A day free from social media… (sort of)

Who else spends their days scrolling through social media endlessly? I sometimes even scroll through one thing, close it, and then automatically open it again and start doing the same thing! It’s actually BONKERS. Why do we do it to ourselves? I have been meaning to do this for a little while and just decided to go for it.

It’s soo bad that I had to tell myself not to check my phone as I didn’t even realise how much I think about picking up my phone and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. I very rarely post anything myself, I just look at what other people are up to…

(Side note – full disclosure here. So, I just checked my screen time for the day I chose to avoid my social media accounts and I actually failed. I somehow spent 6 minutes on Facebook, I have no clue how this happened, as I even put all of the apps into a folder and hid them away. I wonder if I can really go a whole day without it… I will try this again another day. BUT compared to other days I was averaging 1-2 hours of social screen time per day!)

Soooo… even though technically the full day consisted of 6 minutes of social screen time, I’m quite pleased by this ‘achievement’. It felt really good to not look at my phone every time there was a chance. I felt like I enjoyed my world a lot more. Just switching off from the screen really seemed to impact my mood.

Something I heard someone say the other day was that they are usually watching two screens at one time. For example, watching a tv show and scrolling the internet. At first, I thought, two screens that’s ridicu… wait, I do that. Like ALL of the time. It really made me think how screens are basically controlling our lives and how I need to make a change.

I’ve decided to keep the social apps hidden, as I found that not having them there staring right at me, I wasn’t tempted to just click and look without realising (well, apart from those 6 minutes that are unaccounted for in my memory). I can’t quite bring myself to deactivate any accounts for a short time, but who knows I might try that next!

If you’re feeling up for the ‘challenge’, I really recommend seeing if you can go the whole day without any social media. If you can, use the screen time setting to get the true time that you spent looking at the screen. I would love to know if you achieve it and don’t unwillingly fall into the trap like I did! Good luck!