Would I buy my empties again?

I’ve recently organised my dressing table drawer, and I found some items that should have gone in the bin a while ago. I am no expert on beauty products, but I know what works for me and what I go back to the shop for. So here goes! Fast Stroke Eyeliner This is HANDS DOWNContinue reading “Would I buy my empties again?”

A day free from social media… (sort of)

Who else spends their days scrolling through social media endlessly? I sometimes even scroll through one thing, close it, and then automatically open it again and start doing the same thing! It’s actually BONKERS. Why do we do it to ourselves? I have been meaning to do this for a little while and just decidedContinue reading “A day free from social media… (sort of)”

How to manage feeling stressed

Ever feel so stressed that you just need to write? Well that’s me right now. I have no idea where this post will take me, but I wanted to talk about ways that I manage my stress levels or when I am not feeling 100% myself. We all know with the current situation in theContinue reading “How to manage feeling stressed”