How to keep motivated around the house

Ever avoided jobs around your house because it’s so much more appealing to sit and binge watch a series on Netflix? That’s me usually, but I have come up with some good motivational things to get me up off of the sofa to get those pesky little tasks done. Here’s what I do: Reward yourselfContinue reading “How to keep motivated around the house”

How to manage feeling stressed

Ever feel so stressed that you just need to write? Well that’s me right now. I have no idea where this post will take me, but I wanted to talk about ways that I manage my stress levels or when I am not feeling 100% myself. We all know with the current situation in theContinue reading “How to manage feeling stressed”


I was always sceptical when reading advice on how to train my hair to not need washing everyday. Yes, you heard right. I used to wash my hair everyday and I hated it. But I have been AMAZED at the transformation that I have been able to achieve by adopting a few small changes toContinue reading “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HAIR”