How to keep motivated around the house

Ever avoided jobs around your house because it’s so much more appealing to sit and binge watch a series on Netflix? That’s me usually, but I have come up with some good motivational things to get me up off of the sofa to get those pesky little tasks done. Here’s what I do: Reward yourselfContinue reading “How to keep motivated around the house”

How to create a purposeful back-up storage space

Anyone else walk past a cupboard or drawer, knowing full well what kind of state it is in behind the door? Well, this was my situation and I couldn’t face it anymore – it was time to get organised! You start off with the best intentions of keeping a space organised and you put inContinue reading “How to create a purposeful back-up storage space”

How to have a productive day

I have been thinking about the content for this blog and thought I would start with how I start my day. During the first lockdown, I was pregnant with my daughter. Days started to merge into one and working from home as a teacher of my fantastic Year 1 class, creating learning packs, marking andContinue reading “How to have a productive day”